Privacy policy

Personal data security concerns us all, and an individual should be in control of the data they share on the world wide web. The first step in assuring data security is knowing how information about you is collected and stored. This privacy policy sets out what Beee Digital does with your data and how it may be used or shared.


What we collect: We use the Jetpack analytics system by Automatic to collect anonymised data on page views, time spent on a page, if (and where) you came from – only via search term or link – and the country of our visitors. We also know if you clicked a link in the page. We do not connect this to any personally identifiable information or connect this to other information about you. Note that if you have a WordPress account elsewhere, your browsing data might have connections to Automatic or, but we don’t have access to that.

Why we collect it: We use this to identify how popular (or unpopular) any part of our site is, and how we can improve things.

How long we keep data: Our access to this data is linked to Automatic’s own privacy policy, which says: ‘we store personal information for only as long as we have a reason to keep it’. Automatic’s wording is quite vague. For users of Beee Digital, this means that we will be able to see the analytics data related to your visit – which is completely non-identifiable – for multiple years.

What we do with it: We use it simply to monitor the relative popularity of parts of the site, so we can be more effective communicators.

Mailing list

What we collect: We will collect your email address and your name and the date on which you subscribed. Note that we use Mailchimp to manage mailing lists and newsletter. They have this to say about their data collection:

For a MailChimp user, this could mean, for example, that a contact agrees to let you do any or all of the following.

  • Transfer their contact information to MailChimp
  • Store their contact information in your MailChimp account
  • Send them marketing emails from your MailChimp account
  • Track interactions for email marketing and ad placement purposes.

We won’t be using your data for advertising placement, but the other bits look about right. The last bit (Track interactions…) just allows us to understand what bits of the newsletter are popular (and we should do more of) and which bits are not. Read more about that on the Mailchimp website. We won’t buy mailing lists for the purposes of marketing, nor will we sell or give away your information.

Why we collect it: So we can send you email newsletters about our services and things we think you might find interesting about web design and management.

How long we keep data: We’ll keep this information for as long you subscribe to the newsletter. We’ll make sure you have easy options to remove yourselves from a subscription, and once you do, we’ll delete you from our lists and not contact you again.

What we do with it: Use it to create campaigns within Mailchimp, and that’s it.

Sprint Site form

What we collect: We collect the specifications you define in terms of your Sprint Site needs, your email address and/or phone number, as specified by you.

Why we collect it: So we can give you a quote on a Sprint Site or begin a discussion with you on a more suitable product.

How long we keep the data: If you become a customer, we’ll keep it as long as we keep you. If you don’t, we’ll delete it,

What we do with it: We process this information in two ways. 1. An email is sent to so we can follow up with you. If you don’t become a customer, this will be deleted from our servers. A copy of the email will also be sent to you, so you are aware of the exact details we keep. 2. A copy of the specification and contact details is kept in admin-only area of the website. Again, if you don’t become a customer, we’ll remove that information.

It’s worth noting that two people have access to this system (andy@beeedigital) and Gillian, that we enforce strong passwords and apply all security updates to our system within 24 hours of release. If you become and remain a customer, we might ask if you want us to use your email address to receive newsletters or updates from us, but if we do that, we will request your explicit permission.

We will not sell or give your email address, or any other information from within this system, to any other person, institution or company.

Social media shares

If you share a post or campaign on the site by clicking a Facebook or Twitter button, those companies will receive data about your actions and will be able to connect that to existing accounts in order to provide targeted services and advertising. We don’t have access to these connections or any additional data from either company. We recommend reading the privacy policies of both Facebook and Twitter so you can understand how they use your data.

Requesting personally identifiable information

You can contact with your name and email address and we’ll let you know what details we keep. Unless you’re a current customer or have subscribed to our newsletter, we’re quite confident it will be nothing. If we do keep any data related to you, we’ll delete it on request. Finally, if we do keep any personally identifiable information about you and we suffer a data breach, we will inform you of the scale and implications of the breach as soon as we’re aware of it.