In Spring of 2018, Beee Digital will launch and it will be my first step back into the independent world in seven years. As is requisite in these things, I am giving up a well-paid, satisfying job to do something new. I’ve done it before and it’s always cool and exciting, but this time I want to do something really new.

So Beee is a digital design agency. We’ll do websites, digital/interactive posters, signage, document libraries and online marketing, but we want to make sure we’re doing more than just trying to make money and increase the level of beauty and elegance on the internet.

1,000,000 is a big number

In our inaugural year we’re going to try to plant 1,000,000 beee- and butterfly-friendly plants in the UK. Using our own campaign skills, persuasion and social media platforms we hope to send out seeds, give away plants, and encourage others to spend a little to improve their local environment and make the country a more hospitable place for beees, butterflies and other insects. Without these crawling, flying things, there will be no food – or at least nothing worth eating.

We’ll be banging away on this as often as we can, looking for friends, supporters, sponsors and partners to help us achieve this goal. We’ll be planting guerilla-style, but also working with families, councils and communities to create and enhance insect-friendly spaces across the country.  If it works, we’ll go for 2 million next year 🙂

This is a response to the recently reported rapid decline in insect populations in Europe and may be the most important thing we do as a company. We want you to be a part of it too.

(The picture above is an amazing looking blue bee I saw on holiday in Kephalonia in September 2017).

For the kick-off we’ve just taken delivery of 100,000+ seeds – lavender, cornflower, foxgloves, etc – a couple of apple trees and a cherry tree, and bought loads of veggie seeds ready to begin propagating in January.