My weekend tends to start around 5:30am on a Friday morning or once I’ve convinced myself all will be ok.

Having recently moved to West Wales, we are really lucky that when the stars are shining, there’s no light pollution, and the sky puts on the most amazing show. “So what’s the downside to that?” I hear you ask. The one and only downside is that I have to reverse our beloved Van (Vanarchy) out of the drive in total darkness.

I know I’m able to do this but I go through the same dread every time, and definitely look and sound a little strange. Beads of sweat appear on my brow, my left leg turns to jelly hovering over the clutch, and I mutter words of encouragement to myself.

Hurrah I’ve made it onto the road and it’s only 5:35am.  The day swings by in a whizz, and then 5pm arrives.  Vanarchy and I are ready to hit the road once again. We just need to decide where to go!

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