Flew into Bristol airport last night. Had lovely dinner at the Riverside Winebar, then disappeared into the Forest of Dean to spend the night among the trees. But more important than that, today was my first fully mobile day of working. I mixed it up by doing some work from the van (comfy, nice rain sound), some from a café in Bristol and a small bit from IKEA (candles!).

So what’s the takeaway? Well, I think I need some sort of multifunction desk for the van, so I’m not laptopping on my lap. Otherwise that’s cool. Customers in a greasy spoon are far more tolerant of cerulean blue, glittery nails than they were when I was younger, IKEA is the best place for candles and table legs, and mobile broadband/MiFi type devices are the best invention ever.

Being able to stop and work anywhere regardless of friendly WiFi-owning establishments is amazing, and totally frees you up to work wherever you fancy it. Right now. Long drive home for the weekend!

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