Business meetings are not supposed to go this way. We sat down with some good food and a decent pint to discuss a proposal we’re working on for a social media campaign celebrating a significant anniversary for a particular organisation. 30 minutes later we have the bones of daring pitch which highlights the failures of said organisation (not sure they’ll go for it, tbh) and a depressing sense of futility in all we hope to accomplish.

But… we’re also heading towards a degree of focus in thinking about what we, as a company of activists, can accomplish.

1. Beees. Bees give us our name and primary goal; to increase the volume and range of bee-friendly plants and flowers in our local and regional area, and encourage others to do the same.

2. Period poverty. To improve their provision of free sanitary products for girls and women in our area and advocate for better provision everywhere.

We don’t know how we’re going to accomplish any of this, but we know we’re going to need money, so I really should get back to that pitch in which we berate a global organisation for failing in it mission over the last few decades.