Change is good, so for the next month or so, I’m going to change the way I use social media. This is obviously a response to the news about Facebook and Cambridge Analytica, but also a little more.

First step was removing myself from Facebook. Actually deleting my account is a little drastic, and also I use Messenger a lot to communicate with family while travelling, so what I did was log out of the service on my laptop, and delete the Facebook app from my phone and tablet. So far so simple.

The second step is more interesting and is designed to give me a different perspective on life, so I’ve created a Twitter list featuring only the women I follow and will use that as my default stream from now on. Of the 527 people, groups, brands and institutions I follow this amounts to a fairly poor 82 (15.5%), but during this period I’ll also only follow women, so that should increase.

This doesn’t, of course, mean I’ll be isolated from ‘male tweets’ but that the ones I see will be retweeted through this list.

I’ve no idea what this will do, or whether it will affect my world view at all, but its an interesting experiment, and attempting to change your perspective on an issue, idea or outlook is always worthwhile. You’ll find the list by following @andychannelle and if you have suggestions of interesting women to follow on Twitter (especially in relation to synths, music production, css, web development or sustainable living), let me know. Email