Having recently moved to West Wales I am lucky enough to have everything I love on my doorstep, fabulous beaches, swirling seas, vast forests and a new office space.  The team in St Clears have welcomed me with open arms, well apart from when I disappear out the office for a week.

As much as I love where I live and work, I do get the urge to be elsewhere frequently.  I approached my manager about remote working, the response was ” as long as you are contactable and do what is needed, work where you like”.

Well I’d be a fool not to rise to the challenge I’d set myself.  Andy, Noodles and I headed North in our beloved campervan Vanarchy.  After much discussion we ended up in the Lake District (next blog will be from Scotland) on Sunday Evening.

After spending our first night near Lakeside at the High Dam car park my commute was easy, first part of the morning was spent surrounded by trees, second part was spent overlooking Windermere Lake and the afternoon spent in a lovely pub sipping lime and soda.

Noodles relaxing in The Swan Hotel, Newby Bridge

Working day was done and we headed back to High Dam car park, we explored the forest and eventually found the Tarns, Noodles had a paddle and we headed back down to make dinner.  We went back the following day for a wild swim …. or should I say Andy did, I am not a swimming with fish fan nor is Noodles so we barked and watched.

The rest of the week followed a similar pattern, working in cafés, forests, over looking lakes, and most importantly being able to explore the areas we said each night.  To wake up in the morning gazing at the sunrise over the mountains was breath taking.

Did the week come without challenges?  Certainly not, we don’t have the capability to charge laptops from the van, so always finding a kind publican or café owner was a necessity.  Taking phone calls can also prove difficult ensuring that you have a good signal and in a quiet area.

Did it affect my work?  Absolutely, I felt that I had breathing space to approach my job differently, and heading back into the office on Monday I was refreshed.  Have I found the elusive work/life balance?  Well, I think I have for me.

If the opportunity arises for you to work remotely, take it with both hands and making your working day an adventure.