The three R’s

Regardless of our efforts to reduce the amount of waste we produce, sometimes it is inevitable, such as when you’re buying perishable stuff like milk. There aren’t many opportunities to get glass bottles that are simple to recycle, so we need to find other ways to reuse the packaging we acquire before we contemplate the paper bank.

If you’re growing things, you’ll discover that almost anything can be repurposed as a propagation tray. For instance, this Oatly milk carton. We rinsed it out, cut a hole in the top edge, added a layer of used coffee grounds (a good source of soil nutrients) and filled it up with compost. Once full, we dropped in a few seeds and covered with a little more compost.

In a few weeks, we’ll prick out the seedlings and put them in the garden, and then repeat the process.

One of the cool things about this is you can water the soil, rather than the plants by putting water into the pouring spout, and apparently that’s good for plants like tomatoes.

This isn’t a long term solution to waste reduction, because after a few weeks we’re going to be totally overrun with milk propagation containers (especially as this is also a good use for the non-recycleable black plastic trays Quorn products come in), but until we perfect the ‘milk brick’ (it’s coming, I promise) this is the start we have.

Ideas for a sustainable life

There is no point in hoping someone will come along and solve the eco problems we’re likely to face in the future. Instead we should be searching for ways in which to reduce our impact on the environment. If you have any ideas that we could promote here, please get in touch:


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