Setting up a studio by necessity means buying loads of stuff and, inevitably, acquiring loads of packaging. This would typically be recycled through our local authority recycling systems.

But with this piece from The Verge in mind (TL;DR, there is too much stuff to recycle), we’re trying to find ways to reuse these boxes (and there are a lot of them) before they reach the next stage of their lives.

One way of doing this is keeping the smaller boxes and reusing them to send stuff to people from our shop. The second is to repurpose some of the packaging to package and present our merch, rather than starting from scratch.

We’re building this into our product development cycle so we have an idea of how a thing is going to be sent out before we start producing it in volume. We’ve realised, for instance, that the badge backs we’ve chosen are a pain to fix onto flat surfaces (they’re OK on flexible materials, just so you know), so we’re sourcing a new back for the badges that will be easier to manage and, hopefully, will not be plastic.

But we’re also trying to reuse stuff in the studio too. Like with our amazing photography studio built from a large box, some material and white card as the backdrop.

It’s doing alright at the moment, and has also saved us the cost of buying a lightbox for doing product shots.

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