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Doctor Who Day

23rd November 2020

57 years and counting!

Celebrate the emergence of the quintessential British science fiction TV series on 23rd November 1963 with a selection of smart bags, shirts and mugs inspired by our favourite timelord.

All designed and produced in West Wales.

Who is your Doctor?

Jo Martin

Controversial start here. Martin is Ruth Clayton, an earlier version of the Doctor hiding on Earth from the Judoon. We’ve put her here because we think she’s been in hiding since before the Hartnol era. What do you think?

William Hartnell

William, Bill to his friends, was the first incarnation of the Doctor to appear on our screens on 23rd November 1963. He was spikey and cantankerous, but was loved by everyone watching the show as it set out on its maiden voyage.

Patrick Troughton

Patrick Troughton was the first regenerated version of the Doctor in 1966. Troughton abandoned the bumbling grandpa of the previous Doctor and replaced him with a ragged-trousered,  space travelling hobo

John Pertwee

Pertwee arrived in 1970 as a flamboyant dandy who (thanks to Timelord politics) was forced to work within the bounds of planet Earth in the 20th Century. He was a master of karate though, and even had his own Whomobile.

Tom Baker

1974 saw Baker begin what many (of my age) regard as the quintessential Who era. Baker was a cosmic oddball in giant scarf travelling the galaxy with a scantily-clad cave woman. How could it not have made an impression?

Peter Davison

The challenging task of following the definitive doctor fell to Davison in 1982. Cricket whites and well-trimmed hair were a marked change, but the fight against the daleks remained the same until his regeneration in 1984.

Colin Baker

Colin Baker arrived in 1984 with the intention of giving the Doctor a bit of a mean streak. 1986 also saw an ambitious attempt at a longer narrative structure with the four-part Trial of a Timelord that prefigued The VR world of The Matrix by decades.

Silvester McCoy

McCoy’s tenure, beginning in 1987, was clever but lacked the spectacular effects the audience was growing to expect. It did, however, feature one story about the Daleks making mischief in swinging London in the 60s.

Paul McGann

The short-live McGann Doctor appear in 1996 in a ‘TV movie’ set in San Francisco at the turn of the 21st Century. The Doctor here is a literary intellectual with a bit of a steampunk vibe, but the ‘half-human on his mother’s side’ sub plot was a bit much for fans to take because it was nonsense.

John Hurt

The War Doctor, portrayed by Hurt in 2013 for the Doctor’s 50th Anniversary run of programmes. His shame – and exile from the main timeline – was a consequence of the previous Doctor’s decision to become a warrior. The War Doctor ended the Time War, but at incredible cost.

Christopher Eccleston

Hooray for the revival. Eccleston arrived for an exciting 13 episode run on 26 March 2005. He was down-t0-earth, northern and accompanied by Rose. The season also introduced Captain Jack, who would later lead spin-off series Torchwood.

David Tennant

Recent winner of the most popular Doctor competition, Tennant took up the role on Christmas Day 2006 and lasted up unti 2010. He took us through memorable episodes like Blink and also introduced us to (spoilers, darling) fellow time traveller River Song.

Matt Smith

Smith took the role in 2010 and harked – a little – back to Baker’s more playful Doctor. His tenure also introduced Amy Pond, Rory and a more extensive role for Alex Kingston’s River Song. He also introduces The Silence, which was a brilliant villain.

Peter Capaldi

Capaldi achieved a lifelong ambition and became the Doctor in 2014. His take (and outfit) referenced the Pertwee years, and introduced the amazing Missy, a new incarnation of a long-running nemesis.

Jodie Whittaker

In 2018, Whittaker became the first woman to become the Doctor. She was joined by three new companions and took trips back through history to witness (and try not to influence) significant events that have ramifications in the 21st Century.

Who's next?

Whittaker has confimed she will return for the 13th season of the show, but there is a lot of speculation about where the show will go from there.

People are already taking bets on who will occupy the TARDIS next, with Phoebe Waller-Bridge the favourite and David Harewood and Kris Marshall also apparently in the frame.

If history tells us anything, though, it’s that betting on a new Doctor is usually pointless, and the eventual ‘winner’ is likely to be someone not even mentioned in the runners and riders.

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