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As well as designing websites and campaigns, we also sell some cute merch on our Etsy store. For Spring we’re focused on Animal Crossing, The Good Place and International Women’s Day.

We focus on your message and can produce everything from websites and social media assets to print, apparel and other collateral.

Beee Digital is a small team with big ideas and the time to help you sell your idea, event or product. We’re also selective and committed to sustainable production.

If we believe in your mission, our prices will reflect our committment.

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We build with: WordPress  | WooCommerce  |  Divi  |  Toolset  | WPML  |  Google  |  Airtable  |  Hype Pro  |  Raidweaver  |  Affinity


Reusing old packaging

Reusing old packaging

Setting up a studio by necessity means buying loads of stuff and, inevitably, acquiring loads of packaging. This would typically be recycled through our local authority recycling systems. But with this piece from The Verge in mind (TL;DR, there is too much stuff to...

The three R’s

The three R’s

This is a very simple job which can give a second life to the waste you produce in daily life. It’s not an ultimate solution to the disposable 21st century culture, but it’s a start…

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