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Beee Digital is a small web design and services agency based in West Wales. Our focus is rapid development of sophisticated and usable websites with a particular focus on charities, international organisations and non-profits.

We have over 20 years experience in web design at the highest level, and have worked on global campaigns for some of the biggest organisations in the world.

Our specialisms include engaging campaign sites, document libraries, events promotion and large scale deployments.

Let us take your project from concept to completion and beyond.

The elements of a great website


Our sites feature responsive design and content, so you’re always focused on speaking to the right people.



We maintain secure servers and software and will always test updates before deploying to your site.



Image and code optimisations can make the difference between page one and page 50 of a search engine.


Accssibility has become a vital metric in any search profile. Our tools make creating accessible content easy.

Bespoke design

Your company, product or service are unique and your website should reflect this.

Easy to manage

We provide training and support to make sure you’re confident on your site.


Safe and secure

Availability is everything. We have experience in hardening sites for the most demanding clients.

Effective and efficient

We work hard to make sure your content is reaching out to your audiences.

The elements of a great team


We’ll build a design and support schedule around you. Because we’re choosy about our projects we will always have time to deal with your challenges.

Attention to detail

Your website is often the first chance to make the right impression. You can trust us, and our pedantic editorial processes, with your reputation.


We’re as picky about our clients as you should be about your agency. We like to work on projects and sites we believe in, so our prices and commitment reflect this.

We build sites with WordPress, Divi, Toolset and Google Services

Request a free consultation

Drop us a line to see how we can help you get a website up and running without the usual challenges of working with an agency.

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Our services

Bespoke websites

We can bring your vision to life and create a great first impression for your business, campaign or product.

Online sales

We’ll build an ecommerce site that will enable you to manage your inventory, sales and payments in a single interface.

Document libraries

Provide your audience with the right tools to access the right documents without getting lost.

Smart campaigns

Put everything in one place for your activists and donors to support your cause.


From a light edit to a full write and rewrite service, we can give your message proper polish.

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