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This a range of products hand-made by us in West Wales. We tend to create the kind of things we’re likely to buy, so the products here will reflect our current passions and habits.

Holy Forking Shirtballs tote bag

This light green cotton tote bag was inspired by one of our favourite sitcoms of all time: The Good Place. It features Elenor’s favourite no-swear profanity – Holy Forking Shirtballs! –

We made this because we found the perfect green glitter vinyl that reminded us of the magical door in the final episodes of The Good Place (No Spoilers).

Using the same font as the welcome message the bag is perfect for carrying around Shrimps and Philosophy books, or anything else.

The Good Place styled Tote featuring Janet and the words ‘Holy Forking Shirtballs’ in magic door green glitter.


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