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Buffy the Vampire Slayer inspired tote

Honestly, you’d think we snuck into the backroom of the Magic Box – ignoring all the training gear – and nicked the last batch of bags meant for customers, before the entire town was consumed by the Hellmouth.

But that would be wrong, so we definitely didn’t do that. We’re not Dawn.

Instead, we imagined what Anya (poor Anya) would have loved giving her loyal customers in return for a fist full of dollars to carry their trinkets, amulets, mummy hands and potions, and then made that from a 100% natural cotton tote and the most purple vinyl we could find. For those concerned that purple may be a little too Bad Willow, we can also make up bags in a variety of other, safer colours, including the evergreen ‘Seeing Red’.

The reverse side of the bag features an iconic image of Mr Pointy in a matching colour.

Available colours: Super-mystic Purple, Seeing Red, Spike Black, Dawn Sky, Wiccan Green.

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Buffy tote bag
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Magic Box tote bag in 100% Natural cotton and vibrant logo inspired by the best TV series ever made: Buffy the Vampire Slayer.



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