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Dunder Miflin tote bag

Question: Is stealing wrong? Well, of course it is, so we definitely didn’t ‘acquire’ these bags from an inside guy in the warehouse at Scranton PA’s best(ish) paper company. And you should not mention this to (acting?) Sheriff’s representatives or anyone from corporate, even if they ask more than once.

These are 100% cotton tote bags with a design so sharp even Ryan would be temp-ted. Temp-ted! See? We have them in black with white design and ‘natural’ with a black design. In our tests each 38x40cm long handled bag was perfectly suited to carrying a couple of reams of paper, an art set, a few Dundies or 1/30th of Jan’s extensive candle collection and a Hunter CD.

As usual postage is included in the price, so you can order then sit back while someone else does all the work. You just get the glory.

Temp-ted. Hahahaha. Pretty sure I should do stand-up somewhere. I’m hilarious. World’s best listings writer? Maybe.

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Dunder Miflin tote
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US Office-inspired tote bag featuring a DM logo on the front and iconic scene (kind of) from the show on the reverse.