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This a range of products hand-made by us in West Wales. We tend to create the kind of things we’re likely to buy, so the products here will reflect our current passions and habits.

Good Place/Bad Place badges

Decisions, decisions. Which of these badge sets do you want? On the one hand, the Good Place badges are a fetching green and are unlikely to offend, but the Bad Place badges scream with bad place energy. Green makes you a go-getter, ready for action and into nature and stuff. Red is both hot and cool, and allows you to really express what you’re thinking without the fear of divine censor.

Or take the pre-decisive Chidi option and get both for a sweet discount, then you can make your choices based on the situation in which you find yourself.

Each set features five metal 25mm badges with plastic backs in fetching welcome! Green or devilish Red with white writing in the Good Place font.

They look great on your bag or jacket and won’t offend anyone. Unless you want them to.

Set of five Good Place or Bad Place badges. Badges are 25mm in size and made from metal with plastic backs.



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