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Pride badge sets

Set of three hand-made 25mm/1inch Pride pins covering many of the ‘flags’ you might expect to see at a Pride event. Each pack includes a classic pride rainbow, brilliant inclusive pride flag and a third pin of your choice*. All orders can also receive one of our free pronoun badges (select yours – or not – above) and 50p from every sale will go to Stonewall Cymru to help them continue their important advocacy and support work.


Why are we making these?

The worker beees at Beee Digital are habitual – not to say obsessive – Twitter users and we tend to follow a lot of LGBTQ+ accounts because, well, why wouldn’t you? Recently we caught up on a long thread about the challenges of getting hold of Pride badges that reflect the many aspects of the LGBTQ+ community.

We thought about it for a second and said to ourselves: “Hey, we have a badge press, and all the artwork, and a shop. Let’s cover as many bases as we can!”

And so this product was born. We calibrated our printers, used the best ink and super-glossy white card stock to make badges that are accurate and will stand up to long hours in the beautiful summer sun. Then we assembled them all into packs and got them ready for dispatch, postage is obviously included.

Have we covered every aspect of the community? Probably not. But can we make bespoke badges for those we haven’t covered? Yes. Yes we can.

* If we’ve missed something, or you’d like a bespoke pack with three badges of your choice, please add a note to your order.



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