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Super Mario Sunshine-inspired tote bag

In truth, we made these bags as part of our campaign to convince Nintendo to release a remastered version of Super Mario Sunshine this summer because, well, we’ve cancelled our holidays and a trip to Isle Delfino sounds pretty good right now.

The bags themselves are beautifully made 100% ethically produced cotton, and features our exclusive Gelato Beach and Sirena Beach designs with a matching star on the reverse. The writing and stars are carved out in Electro Blue (Gelato Beach) or Pinna Park Pink (Serena Beach) vinyl for the sharpest results.

They’re perfect for when we can finally head to the beaches again.

As well as being the best Gamecube game, the release of Nintendo’s 3D All-Stars makes this the best game on the Switch too.

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Mario Sunshine bag
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Super Mario Sunshine-inspired ethically produced tote bag featuring iconic scenes based on our favourite beach locations in the best GameCube game ever.



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